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Arrival, Campus map

Eingang zum Gebäude S1/01 „Karo5“ (© TU Darmstadt / Miguel Hahn)
The conference venue is on the campus “Stadtmitte” of the Technical University of Darmstadt. The events of the Division Hadronic and Nuclear Physics (HK) will take place in building S1/01. The events of the Working Group Accelerator Physics (AKBP) will take place in the nearby building S1/05.

Gebäude S1/05 „Maschinenhaus” (© TU Darmstadt / Thomas Ott)
A area map of the campus “Stadtmitte” is available at and The conference venue is located in section S1.

The three-dimensional Campus-Navi allows for an interactive visit of the TU Darmstadt and its sites (german):

The conference venue is in close walking distance to the city center of Darmstadt and easily accessible by public transportation. The closest stops of busses and trams are:

  • Alexanderstraße
  • Schloss
  • Luisenplatz
  • Willy-Brandt-Platz

These stops are marked on the map available under The conference venue is near the building marked with “Karo 5”.

The bus and tram schedules can be accessed under

Free tickets for public transport will not be available in Darmstadt.

Information on accessing TU Darmstadt by car, train and plane are available under

Parking lots close to the conference venue are marked in the map available under (german).

A city map of Darmstadt can be downloaded from